Success Story - Somalia Program

Figure 1 Shukri Abdi 24 , Female Teacher Trainee in Kismayu

“Receiving my Diploma in primary teaching course is an honor for me because I will be among the first-generation of teachers to graduate from Jubaland Teachers’ Training College. My parents, who never made it to school, held bigger dreams for their daughters, thus instilling in me and my sisters the value of an education

I did not reach this milestone alone; it was a collective effort from Ministry of Education Jubaland state of Somalia with the support of LWF Somalia Program.  

If I successfully complete I will be a living proof of what can happen when a state government and a supportive organization like LWF think innovatively and join forces to offer Teacher Training College for students like me who could never get access and the opportunity to pursue higher education. The college is first of its kind in the state and I want to make use of this rare opportunity.

As a high school graduate and untrained teacher, I thought college would be too challenging and, perhaps, even impossible for me since I did not come from college-going lineage. I saw college as a no go zone – dare not enter for my ilk.

After taking my first semester, I realized it was very possible. My classmates included young people just like me and first-generation of high school graduates, as well as older adults with careers.

What I once imagined as unattainable became attainable. And this is when I began to realize the possibilities especially in a country torn for close to 30 years of civil war.

Besides providing me with access to college, LWF Somalia through Teacher Training program  shifted my perspective and became a bridge to the next step in my academic life—one that all  Female trainees  deserve. Big Thank you to LWF!

I’ll reap the benefits of a well-planned educational program designed by generous team of innovators from LWF- SOMALIA PROGRAM’’

Student doing exams - Jubaland Teachers’ Training College
Jubaland Teachers’ Training College.