Scaling greater heights

Lennart's farewell message to LWF Kenya-Djibouti/Somalia staff and partner agencies

Then was then

Now is now

Tomorrow is tomorrow

Then was then. It has been a ‘journey’ with many of you for the past 7 years, some a bit less than that. We have learnt, shard and grown. The history is interesting in terms of learning, avoiding the same mistakes, know who we are, where we are and why we do what we do. But then was then, and we move on. We change and we need to change continuously, even if we were – theoretically – reaching perfection at some point we still need to change. The context we work in changes every day, the people, the challenges, the technology, the opportunities changes and we need to change with them to stay relevant, to remain an organization that delivers the quality of work that is rightfully expected of us. Then was then, now is now. What was the right thing or a good way yesterday may not be so today. But remember that what we do an where we are has a history, and what we do comes from somewhere, it didn’t just happen. Our successes today are the result of hard work, many ideas, and the strength to implement those ideas.

Now is now. To those I have hurt, misunderstood, and those who feel they have been treated unfairly I apologies. It has been one of my roles to make decisions, and that has always been done with the best intentions of making sure we as LWF do what is the best for LWF and for the persons we serve. Now, here we are and here we stand. With all our strengths, weaknesses, successes and failures. The work will continue, under a new leadership. It will surely not be siasa ya nyayo, but development, improvements and changes to remain relevant and to continue to grow in quality and size.

I wish to thank all of you for the work done over the past several years, for the professionalism, efforts and the energy, the commitments and dedication you have all shown. That is what will take LWF and all of us to new highs in the years to come.

Tomorrow is tomorrow, we do not know what it will bring, but we shall be prepared. I have no doubt you will continue to excel.

Anyone who wish to stay in touch can also reach me on

I wish you all the best, and LWF Kenya, Djibouti and Somalia and all her staff will always remain in my heart.


Thank you everyone, and good luck


Lennart Hernander