LWF, Kenya-Djibouti program is the lead implementing agency for UNHCR in education, with a total population of 96,267 (39,145 Girls) enrolled in the schools. In Kenya, the Kakuma Refugee camp has a total of 67,702 (27,467 Girls) learners and Dadaab Refugee Camp (Kambioos and Hagadera) there are 25,392 (10,358 Girls) in Early Childhood Education and Primary schools. While in Djibouti (Hol Hol and Ali Addeh Refugee Camps) there are a total of 3,173 (1,538 Girls) enrolled in Early Childhood Education, Primary and Secondary schools. Education is very important in an emergency, it not only acts as a protection tool but it is also a basic right, one that is vital in restoring hope and dignity to people driven from their homes. LWF is working with the Ministries of Education, the community, Donors and other partners in consultation with UNHCR to provide access to quality education that will go a long way into promoting peace and stability to the refugees upon return to their countries.

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