Ali Addeh, Hol Hol, Markazi and Djibouti Ville

LWF has been working in Djibouti since 2009 following the invitation of UNHCR and registration with the government. Currently LWF is focusing on Education, Community Services and Child Protection serving refugees in Ali-Addeh and Holl-Holl refugee camps in Ali-Sabieh region, Markazi camp in Obock and refugees in the Urban centre of Djibouti Ville.

In August 2017 the process of handing over full responsibility to the Government of Djibouti for education of refugees has started. The Government will gradually take over responsibility, and will certify exams the refugee children sit.

Our Work in Djibouti

Ali Addeh Camp in Numbers

LWF assisst 18,000 people in Ali Addeh and 2,000 in Hol Hol camp.
of the camp population are children. 3,000 attend LWF managed schools.
2 Internationals, 39 Nationals and 150 Refugee staff.
LWF annual budget in 2014.

`Ali `Adde

Latitude: 11.130556
Longitude: 42.893333


Latitude: 11.307900
Longitude: 42.929500

Djibouti Ville

Latitude: 11.589010
Longitude: 43.145030


Latitude: 11.964700
Longitude: 43.288400