Data Management Systems

Lack of data and/or inconsistencies in data continues to be a challenge that affect both reporting and planning of education intereventions. Recently, through School Meals Program monitoring,it was discovered that there exist loopholes such that the education sector has not been able to collect and administer accurate and reliable school data in the field. Information collected through SMP dsharply differs with data collected through EMIS.

In response to this management inefficiency, LWF has visualized an electronic data management system that is capable of capturing and relaying data real time, whether biometric or through personal-identification number, during enrolment phase, storing the data on site, on separate device, or remotely, identifying accurate attendance figures for purposes of provision of humanitarian aid, e.g., school feeding, academic material, child protection, etc. The software will also be able to provide statistical analysis on absenteeism, school drop out and learner transfers within the camp.  For instance, the software system should signal respeponsible Education Officers and relevant authorities for a follow-up on the incidence. With the assistance of the software, LWF will be able to manage data properly and use it effectively for planning and reporting purposes.